i’ve not gone yet…..

yes, Karen is already on another continent…bummer.

I hadn’t planned on blogging yet because: 1) I’m still in the U.S. and 2) we can easily communicate on a daily basis. However, what happened tonight changes this.

see, I was wandering the street with a map and a list of potential restaurants looking for dinner. I walked by one of the restaurants two times before I decided thrice is a charm. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was an Israeli? Jewish? [man, i still get confused on those terms] establishment. I’m positive I was the only goy. I overhead one family gathering where the conversation reminded me of our pre-wedding gatherings, “so glad you could be with us in the States…”. The complimentary food looked familiar, too – you know, those light, fushia slices of some kind of vegetable [hey, i even heard a non-goy wonder aloud what it was!] in one bowl, sliced califlower, carrots, celery [?] and olives in another.

I wanted to Tilapia patties that came with a special, spicy sauce. But, they have a run on that offering and were out of stock. So, I had beef stew – go figure! The mashed potatoes were calling my name. It was delicious [and i didn’t use my knife].

Anyhow, the point of this is that, somehow, I likely ate similarly to how Karen ate on her first full day on another continent.

2 thoughts on “i’ve not gone yet…..

  1. karnula

    probably pickled radishes, or the like (the dish you didn't recognize). or something pickled, anyway! although you didnt' eat similarly to me at all 🙂

  2. jonnyrocket

    are you eating israeli style in rockland county? when are you flying back tomorrow? give a call if you are around the city at all i'm taking the day off from school- j.r.


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