more on the israeli psyche…

well, i don’t have a whole lot to say in the way of arabic, dissertation research, and the like. the past two days have been pretty quiet – a chance for me to catch up on some work i brought from the USA, to see some friends, and to (finally) sleep past 6AM (i think i’m over jet-lag now).

i just came home from spending the evening with a good friend, her husband, and their two kids. as i was walking home, i thought again about the man on the bus i described in my last post, and i wanted to contrast it with another ‘typical’ israeli characteristic. (i apologize in advance to those of you reading this who are israeli, who are family, or both – – i’m not actually sure who is reading this blog, so hopefully i’m not preaching to the converted…entirely…).

despite the abrasive nature of the man on the bus, one of the things i love most about coming back to israel is how warm and welcoming everyone i know here is. i’m not talking about politeness – this country could certainly use a good dose of that. rather, i’m referring to the warmth and helpfulness, the willingness to share, that emanates from every person i speak with here (for more than 10 seconds). every single friend of mine here has offered me a place to stay if i need it. the director of one of the organizations i am interested in researching, at the end of my first conversation with him, asked if i knew people in israel, if i needed a place to stay, if he should help me find some professional/social outlets, etc…and it seems that everyone i know is more than thrilled to introduce me to their cousin’s brother’s wife’s uncle’s boss whose wife happens to work in the coexistence field or who lives in my neighborhood or who has a daughter my age, and so on. it’s really a nice feeling, and different than the type of warmth that exists in the USA.

anwyay, i just wanted to give a different perspective than the one i ended with the other day!

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