it’s a small world…

as a follow up to what i wrote a few days ago regarding israeli warmth and willingness to help/make connections, here is a short excerpt from a conversation i had last night with my mom’s cousin (roughly synthesized and translated from the hebrew):

cousin: so, what exactly is your doctorate about?
me: [something about israeli jews and arabs, education, etc…]
cousin: oh, you know, my husband’s son is involved with something in that area.
me: really?
cousin: yes, he’s finishing up his PhD and he also works for an organization that is involved in bringing israelis and palestinians together…
me: oh, what’s the name of the organization? i’m familiar with many of the ones here.
cousin: i don’t remember.
my aunt: well, what’s his name?
cousin: [names name]
me: oh! he and i have been emailing! we’re supposed to meet soon!

this person, who i reached via an israeli friend in bloomington, happens to be my mother’s cousin’s stepson. so typical for this country…

so, in any case – – i write this post from the apartment i’ll be living in for the next month. it’s located in the German Colony [in Jerusalem], a nice little residential/commercial neighborhood not too far from the city center. my apartment is located on a small side street off of the main drag. it’s nice to feel like i’m somewhat settled, and it’s wonderful to be back in Jerusalem – it’s been 15 years since i lived here. just walking home tonight, after meeting a few of my cousins for dinner, made me smile.

for those of you who have asked – i promise to post some pictures soon! i suppose that will require me to take some first 🙂


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