always something interesting going on…

it took me more than an hour to get to the university today.
why so long, you ask? well, several main streets were closed today – as i knew in advance – because today was the day of the jerusalem gay pride parade.
as a result, today was also a day of many protests – specifically, from the orthodox jewish community here. lots of black hats on the loose – and lots of really infuriating signs and posters around the city. seriously – i go back and forth between being absolutely fascinated by the religious community here, and feeling like my peace-loving self is going to explode as a result of their closed-mindedness. arrgggh. hello, jerusalem.

in any case, the road closings meant that my bus to the university took a different route than usual, so i was treated to a different part of the city. i think my goal in the next month is to walk as much of jerusalem as possible – this city is such a treasure trove of history and character.

and yes, i promise to post pictures! i actually have some to post, but it’s too late for me to write the accompanying text. i promise to do it soon!


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