pictures…well, a few, anyway

ok, here’s the first batch of much promised photos. let’s take a tour of jerusalem…
first off: the shuk, or market – – produce, meat, and anything else you can think of, galore. my pictures aren’t as good as the ones neil took in tel aviv this past december, but here are a few to start off with:

on the left you see the shuk itself. the other pictures give you a sense of what’s sold there…and in what piles! the best part, in my opinion, is the hawking of wares – – “fresh watermelon!!! tomatoes – best price!! freshly baked pita bread!!” and, even though they say the army is the melting pot of israel – – you’ll see a full cross-section of jerusalem society at the shuk – hassidic jews in their various shades of black,

muslims, soldiers on guard and on break,
older russian women, younger arabs, nuns (i saw
two the other day – one in white and one in black), tourists, and more.

i walked to the shuk the other day and stopped there for a smoothie – banana, strawberry, mint, and dates on an orange juice base. mmmmmmmm. just the thing for a hot day…

on my way to the shuk, i passed by my favorite place in jerusalem – the montefiorie windmill:

the windmill stands in the neighborhood of yemin moshe, which was the first neighborhood built in jerusalem outside of the gates of the old city. the neighborhood is really beautiful (in my opinion, anyway), and it looks towards the old city. here are a couple of pictures of the old city as seen from the windmill:

i could spend hours sitting there…and i have, in the past.but on this day i was headed towards tel aviv, so the walk continued. i got my fruit juice at the shuk and headed onwards towards the central bus station…and was quickly confronted by the force of orthodox judaism:

for those of you who aren’t hebrew readers, here is a translation: “shabbat begins at 7:12. every wife and daughter lights shabbat candles.” [it sounds much better – and it rhymes – in hebrew…]. actually, this is a pretty mundane sign – much less offensive than most of the ones i see around here. but seriously – where else do you see signs (sheets?) hanging out the windows admonishing you to fulfill your religious obligations? what a place…

anyway, shortly after seeing that sign, i got to the bus station and climbed aboard a bus to tel aviv, so that’s the end of the pictures. next up: pictures from my weekend hiking trip to the golan heights…

One thought on “pictures…well, a few, anyway

  1. papadick

    hi,my name is richard and i went to school with neil. he let me know this site is out there. i have shared it with other classmates of ours. it's really great to see the pictures and to read your stories. thank you for sharing them.


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