quick comments

i’m working through photos of my trip this weekend and from around jerusalem – they will be posted soon. before that, though, a few quick tidbits of information from the holy land:

– israel had a ‘first’ this past week with the round 1 draft pick of an israeli basketball player to the NBA. Omri Kaspi was the #23 draft pick, by the Sacramento Kings (aren’t you impressed that i know this???)
– vending machines here are taken to a whole new level. in addition to machines selling coffee, soft drinks, and snacks, yesterday i saw a vending machine for…french fries. comes complete with 2 packets of ketchup and 1 salt packet. craziness.
– how often do you see an archeological dig on your way to school/work? today on the bus, as i passed by the walls of the old city, i looked out the window at the work that is being done to construct the new light rail in jerusalem, and saw not one, but two sites labeled “archeological dig.” just goes to show you – – people have lived here for so many thousands of years that you can’t dig anywhere without discovering the artifacts of a past civilization.

i started my arabic class today. it was enjoyable, but HARD. in the last 6 years i’ve forgotten much of the arabic i studied before that…well, here’s my chance to get it back!


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