just being…

just to let you know at the outset – this post isn’t about travel, or Jerusalem, or sights i’ve seen. it’s not about anything, really – mostly i’m writing it because i felt like sharing my evening with you.

let’s start by saying that the evening capped a really nice day. i understood about 90% of my arabic class today (a vast improvement over sunday’s ~60%), and after class, i got a bunch of non-arabic related things done that have been hanging over my head for a while. then i went for a run, in a new part of the neighborhood, and a few minutes into it, i saw: a waffle bar (as in, a cafe serving waffles).
can you guess how the rest of the evening went?

i just came home from sitting at the waffle bar, outside, for the past two hours, reading a book, and eating a waffle with hot belgian chocolate and bananas. pure decadence. but i was sitting outside on a perfect jerusalem summer evening (and you really can’t get much better than summer evenings in jerusalem – cool, with a light breeze – the ideal complement to the heat of daylight hours), eating my waffle, and it felt like things couldn’t get any better. of course, it would have been nice to share the evening with someone (um, neil, why didn’t you fly over here this afternoon? oh right, it must be because you’re flying to mongolia tomorrow…) – but even on my own, i was perfectly content.

i just got home from walking through the perfect jerusalem evening (smelling smells that i can’t really describe, except to say that they smell like jerusalem on a summer night), and i think i just had the perfect start to my weekend…

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