happy 4th of july!

american independence day is celebrated here in israel. not quite the same way as in the USA – no parades, or displays of red white and blue – – but the days’ symbolism manifests itself in various ways over here. for example, one of the government radio stations was playing american music all day yesterday.
and tonight in herzelia (just north of tel aviv), the free concert in the park consisted of a brass quintet that played music by various american composers in honor of independence day. it wasn’t the patriotic music you might hear in the states (i kept waiting for “god bless america,” which never came) – – more like ragtime, jazz, etc.
personally, i thought the concert was kind of hilarious. the quintet was made up of five musicians from the former soviet union. the musician who introduced the group spoke in a heavy russian accent – announcing that the next piece would be one by “dook elleengton”, for example. standard for israel, thought certainly a bit odd for an “american” concert.
but the kicker came when he introduced the final song as “the holy people will march” (in hebrew) – apparently this is the translation for “when the saints come marching in.” nice, eh?
i thought nothing could beat that, but then the encore? ‘heveinu shalom aleichem’, followed by the hora…

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