more of Jerusalem

i took this picture from the mt. scopus campus of the hebrew university of jerusalem (where i’m taking my arabic class). it’s not the best photo, but (i hope) it gives you a sense of what it’s like to look over the old city from the university. (this picture is the result of me trying to put together a panoramic…it didn’t come out so well, sorry. neil, you’ll have to help with this when you get a chance!)

the arabic class, by the way, is really kicking my butt (and no, to all interested parties, i don’t know how to say that in arabic yet). i have become very, very good friends with both of my dictionaries, and i’ve been listening to israeli radio in arabic (i learned the word for “junction” the other day!), but there’s no doubt about it – there are days when i feel completely overwhelmed. however, this afternoon after class, i went with two of my classmates to the old city, where we found a cafe at which to sit and do our homework…and speak lots of arabic with others sitting there. it definitely felt good to be using the language in a setting other than the classroom – after all, that’s why i’m learning it!

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