what a difference a word makes

dear readers,
i do not foresee too many more posts this summer (on my end, at least) – next week is my last week here and i am overwhelmed by the things that need to get done before i leave, not to mention the words that must be memorized before my final exam next week! but i wanted to share with you just how inspiring it’s been to be able to use my arabic, as full of errors as it may be.
as i think i mentioned in an earlier post, i have been spending an afternoon or two a week in the old city, doing homework with classmates and speaking arabic as much as possible. our conversations are full of mistakes and many english words (or hebrew, depending on who i am with) make their way into our sentences – – but the effort is there.

and the effort has been met with such warmth! arab hospitality at its best – – just for speaking a few words of a shopkeeper’s mother tongue.

i plan on continuing with my arabic as much as i can this given year and in the future – but the response i’ve received in the past few weeks has proven to me that even just a little bit makes a huge difference. this is so important for the kind of work (and research) i do, and i knew that before – – but it’s been made all the more clear during my time in jerusalem this summer.


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