Monthly Archives: August 2009

back in the West

it’s been a few weeks since Neil and I reunited and made our way slowly back to the Midwest. we’ve both had a chance to reflect a bit on our experiences overseas this summer, reconnect with family and friends, and of course enjoy being together before i return to Indiana in just a few days. i’ve not spoken Arabic now for almost longer than i spent studying it!

for me, anyway, this has been a wonderful forum to share what was going through my mind (or going on in front of my eyes) while in Israel. i found out during the course of the summer that many, many more people were reading this blog than i had originally thought – – i hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

but this is mostly to say that i’m wrapping up – for now. starting sometime next summer, i’ll be back in Israel for a longer period, delving into data collection for my dissertation. and Neil will be back in Mongolia, hopefully riding his horse. we’ll definitely be posting again.

for now, though, it’s time to dive back into the academic year!