about to head out west!

just a brief update: we are about to begin our fieldwork out in central Mongolia in the Khangai Mountains. we are driving from the capitol, Ulaanbaatar, to near Tsetserleg. it will be 750 km and most on dirt roads. it will be a blast and a test of car endurance. it is such a long drive, we might not come back when our Mongolian partners return to the Ulaanbaatar (UB). a new crew might come out and join us in a week. so, we might be in the countryside for a week or 18 days – hard to say.

we might see hot springs, water falls and, of course, old trees. it will almost like stepping back in time. UB is fairly western, modern and hip. moving 700 km from this area will be moving more towards the late-1990s or early-2000s. the milk tea will be saltier, too  – yum!

pix sometime later this month, maybe.

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