An FYI post: Israel’s “greenery”

Israel’s a desert country, and unlike the United States, boasts far fewer lush, grassy fields and forests.  But Neil was amazed when he arrived in Israel for the first time, a year and a half ago, to see just how ‘green’ the country is in other ways – ecologically speaking, that is.

So just for fun, here’s a little trivia about a few of the ways that Israel’s environmental consciousness shows up that of the USA:
– to start, all the toilets here are double-flush toilets.  One button/knob/handle for a half-flush, and another for a full flush.  Use your discretion to decide which one you need.
– distributed throughout the sidewalks of Tel Aviv are huge bins for bottles/plastic recycling, all with signs admonishing the public of how silly it is not to recycle.
– given the heat of this country, it should be no surprise that solar panels are the norm.  They’re installed on the roof of almost every apartment building (some private houses as well, I think) – – used to heat most water.
– cars here are much, much smaller.  When Neil was here, we saw a Honda Civic hatchback model that is not yet available in the USA – we’re not sure if and when it will be.  To give you a sense of the difference in car sizes – the Toyota Camry is considered a large car.

I may be forgetting a few things – when Neil is back online, he may be able to remind me of things I missed (he, of course, was very quick to notice all of the things I just mentioned, and more).

I know, not as exciting as Tsetserleg, but it’s the best I can do at the moment.  Once I get myself and my camera organized, I am hoping to give you all a picture tour of the graffiti in my neighborhood….


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