and the cars keep honking…

here’s a scene for you: i’m sitting in my apartment, windows open, with the radio on and the computer open on our new kitchen table (thanks mishpachat ben-bassat for the loan!).

a breeze is blowing, the sun is shining, and a car has been honking for 15 minutes straight.  yes, you read that right.  the street i live on is a small, one-way street, not very wide, and always full of cars – many of which tend to park like this.  there are also a few furniture workshops on the street, not to mention any number of garbage cans waiting to be emptied by the trucks that come around every few days (including on saturday.  i didn’t know anything happened here on saturday…).

so, cars get stuck.  and people here are impatient.  having to wait + israeli impatience = lots of honking.

luckily it finally stopped.  i peeked out the window and it looked like a truck got stuck – but it managed to get out…at which point the honking stopped and clapping, from various apartments and people on the street, began.

just another day in the neighborhood…

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