Meet the Jew Pac clan…

I was going to give you a culture post, to follow up on all of Neil’s, but instead I thought I would show you my favorite neighborhood graffiti.  Meet the Jew Tang family:

One half of the...

...Jew Tang Clan

Snoop Synagoggy Gogg (my personal favorite)

Jew Pac

another Jew Pac

These guys are all over the place around here – who knew that the Hassids (ultra-Orthdox Jews) were such big rap stars??!?  Every time I walk down the street, I run into at least one of these guys painted on to a wall or door.  It’s hilarious, even more so because of the total culture clash implicit in the painting/caption combination.

More to follow in a day or two – I have a whole post about Israeli culture swimming around in my head, but I need a bit more energy to write it up.


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