the touristas are coming! the touristas are coming!!

in the last week downtown UB, location of our apartment – just off of Times Square, aka the State Department Store,  has become decidedly Europeanly tinted. the latest batch of touristas have arrived.

westerners show up around Naadam, the 4th of July & Olympics all rolled into one, in mid-July. tourism peaks then, then again in mid-August, it seems.

a new phenomenon is emerging that is bringing with it touristas, tourons and what have you – The Mongol Rally! apparently the first groups are arriving in UB. the organizers also have at least one bar, they say there are three, to organize the finishing party. apparently it lasts a month and likely accounts for the fireworks last night.

but, skin color is not how one recognizes these people. it is the same damn blue t-shirt splashed with exclaiming “Mongol Rally 2010” across the front. that is the surest characteristic of this wave of touristas!

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