a place to unmess one’s mind: a NY State Tengri

it was apparently a Tengri weekend in central New York State (CNY). being so close and downwind of the Great Lakes, clouds are normal.  completely blue skies are abnormal, Abby Normal to be accurate. when these days occur, it is not unusual for CNY’ers to drop what they are doing and just go outside for as long as possible [at least in theory, they should].

this past weekend was just that kind of an era. i traveled through the Finger Lakes region – forests, farms and lakes – under completely blue skies – Tengri was present. saw family, old friends and got complete nourishment for body, mind and soul. hopefully the pix will convey was a few thousand words might.

a wicked blue sky, as a CNY’er or Bostonian would be apt to say

a perfect day for games

The Empire State Tengri sky

ida red on the left, empire on your right. the apples are ginormous

Canandaigua Lake

a soaring day

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