Another week has gone by and here I am just a little bit deeper into my data collection.  I wanted to just highlight a few milestones I’ve passed:

– yesterday I conducted my 50th interview [not all with alums, some have been with staff and past staff of both organizations].  When I think of how long [how short?] I’ve been here, 50 seems like an awful lot.  Now it’s time to sit back, interview a bit less, focus on what I’ve already collected and think about how to focus the rest of my interviews [both in terms of content and in terms of who I interview].

– this afternoon I FINALLY received permission from the Ministry of Education to conduct my observations.  Of course, the powers that be must have the last laugh: no sooner had I read the email stating that I can move forward with my observations than I received yet another email – this time from the director of the organization in question, stating that all activities are on temporary hold until some financial issues are resolved.  So, I have permission, but currently have nothing to observe.

Ah well.  At this point at least I know I can move forward once group activities resume…


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