an ancient walk [for an american]

yes, i am here safe and sound. finally getting over my jet lag and enjoying the neighborhood and vicinity to the Mediterranean Sea – great choice Karen & Roomie!! [thanks for approving, Aunt Varda!]

we haven’t done too much. we’ve been very happy with the company of one another, even while we work. we did have a very nice dinner on a veranda across from the Tel Aviv Opera House – thank you again, Aunt Varda!

today we took a stroll to Yafo, the ancient town to the south of Tel Aviv. it is thought to be about 7.5 thousand years old. it is hard to see that on our stroll today, except for the one section on the harbor with the minaret. there are some nice modern, stone buildings in Yafo, relatively speaking compared to the glass sky scrapers on the rise in Tel Aviv, that give a sense of place and uniqueness.

the best sense of uniqueness today, from my perspective, was our destination – a hummus shop in Yafo run by an old, Arab Yafo family called Abu Hassan Hummus. as you will see, it was packed. there was a horde to get in and we shared a table with a young teenage boy. and, it was loud. all we could do, as you will see, is smile and say how much we enjoyed the hummus. it is not an atmosphere to discuss the finer points and flavors of hummus. it is a place to enjoy jostling, the food, people watch and the waiters. the waiters were all men who strongly kept ‘order’. they pushed the line back out into the street. they pointed to where you would sit and if you went to the wrong empty table, they would shout and point you to the correct empty table. and then, they took your order.

with all this cacophony from the people dining and talking, the waiters would holler your order from your table to the chefs. over your head and over the din. with one order near my ear, my ear made a hasty retreat further back into my head. that man could bellow. at another point the waiter stood in the middle of the restaurant towards the counter and just started shouting at all of us. i have no idea what he said or was trying to say. i’m not sure others did either. there was no major movement or response of the diners. it was entertaining. i’d go back just for the experience. oh, the hummus was good, too.

on to the pix.

Yafo Harbor looking toward the minaret of ancient Yafo.

Yafo minaret during the day

Yafo Shopping Plaza archway

Yafo shopping plaza

plaza alley

the lush Magnolia that stopped me in my tracks

talking with hands, "What? You don't like hummus?

The Israeli Shuffle we were about to enter at this very popular hummus restaurant, Abu Hassan Hummus. Again, all the training i received through a 3rd row seat at a Metallica concert, lining up for a ferry in Puerto Rico, a mosh pit in a living room of an Insect Syren show in Alabama, many, many Primus/Les Claypool shows along the front of the stage, and boarding a plane in western Mongolia prepared me for this – this was a cake walk.

lunch buddies!

an apartment house overlooking Yafo Harbor

we passed a wedding party on Yafo Harbor

Yafo Harbor – it is a 10 minute run to our swimming spot in the Mediterranean Sea on Yafo Harbor

we passed through an Ottoman Empire era train station, now a shopping plaza, on our stroll home from Yafo

another shopping plaza where the children frolicked while the adults picked green citrus?

the Last Supper, Tel Aviv style. reminds me of the Last Supper Karen & I saw in Cuzco, Incan style. Pizarro took the place of Judas in Peru. 

Can someone help me with this version? Who is Judas? Is there a Judas? Who is the hip-hop dude to the immediate right of Einstein. whichever, i love it!

2 thoughts on “an ancient walk [for an american]

  1. varda

    thnks for the acknowledement,you are welcome to many more.
    it is very interesting to visit your town(yafo is a part of tel aviv-yafo municipality)
    through the eyes of a tourist.
    i like your pix. too.


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