Another first…

Well, the day finally came – I wore shoes. Real, true, closed-toe, lace-up, non-sandal, shoes.  The event? A trip to Jerusalem yesterday for some interviews, where the temperatures dropped into the mid-50s in the evening [I was COLD, people.  I know, I’m spoiled.  But it’s true].  But really – I think summer is finally ending here. When I woke up today it was raining and overcast…and cold.  Brrrr.

In other news, it’s Chanukah here [and everywhere around the globe, I suppose].  What does that mean? Lots and lots of sufganiyot [doughnuts].  Here are a few samples of what bakeries around here look like this week:


...and more sufganiyot

The ‘standard’ fillings are red jam [no idea what flavor it is supposed to be], chocolate, halva [a sesame-based sweet], dulce de leche, and vanilla.  But I’ve seen – and tasted – others as well.  Yesterday I had a sufganiya with blueberry – yummy! And apparently at one of the higher quality bakery chains they make a marshmallow-filled sufganiya.  I’ll have to go seek that out before Chanukah ends on Wednesday…

UPDATE: I stopped by the aforementioned bakery chain today.  Sure enough, marshmallow sufganiyot were an option…as were pistachio, Belgian chocolate ganache, and whipped cream.  I have to say though, I was not impressed – these doughnuts were nothing but vehicles for fancy fillings and toppings [ever see popcorn on a doughnut? Believe it!].  I do not subscribe to the ‘ vehicle’ perspective.  For me, it’s all about the dough…


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