from one west coast to another

it feels like it was yesterday [and yet at the same time, a long time ago] that we were together on a beach in Israel [pix here].

today, just a bit over two weeks later, i found myself with another best friend on the west coast of the U.S. it is all a bit mind-boggling to me. air travel borders on magic to me. it is amazing how we can be one place with someone in a special place and then suddenly find yourself surrounded by a whole group of folks in another special place. stunning.

Morgan wanted to go see some oak woodlands outside of San Fran. i was game, of course. i really wanted to see individual trees of the magnificent blue oak. here is a decent picture and some info as to why these trees are so special….ah, here are some better pix and info.

but, being that it is December and i was in San Fran, the great Pacific Weather System had other plans: rain and fog, as is tradition and meteorology. so, we headed off toward’s Stinson’s Beach. it was a nice scramble among rocks and interacting with waves and forms of life that are very different than trees. it was not disappointing.

view of the Pacific







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