Wrapping up

Well, believe it or not, 9 months have passed, and it is time for my fieldwork in Israel to end – tomorrow morning I will be heading to the airport to get on a plane back to the United States.  I can hardly believe it myself – in fact, I can’t really believe it at all!

It is hard to sum up 9 months in a single post, so I thought that perhaps I would just leave you with some statistics about this year and my fieldwork (and various other things):

– number of days in the field: 263
– number of days in the field without Neil: too many! (215, to be exact)
– number of times I questioned what I was doing here and whether this project makes any sense: too many to count, but thankfully not a majority of the time.
– number of people interviewed: 103, not counting informal conversations with professors and practitioners
– number of interviews conducted: somewhere around 110, including follow-up interviews with some individuals
– number of hours observing: somewhere between 150-200
– number of nights chaperoning rowdy 15-year olds: only 2, thank goodness.  Those kids are great but I was really exhausted at the end of that weekend!
– number of bus/train trips to various parts of the country for interviews and observations: about 100.  I got to know pretty much every single train stop in Northern Israel this year.
– number of coffees drunk while conducting interviews in coffee shops: too numerous to count.
– number of times I was invited to a participant’s home and plied with food or drink: a lot.  I still can’t get over hospitality in this country.
– number of falafels eaten: I’m not sure, but on average, it probably comes out to about once a week.
– number of times I walked from my apartment to Yaffo and back: endless.  In fact, I probably walked an average of at least 6-8km on a daily basis this year, for fieldwork and otherwise.
– number of funny, interesting, and helpful people I’ve met throughout this year: almost everyone.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  And now, with the number of hours left until I depart at just over 24, there are a few more things I need to tie up.  See you on the flip side!!


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up

  1. folklorist

    Number of roommates I’ll miss: one! Karen! Do a double flip and flip side yourself back over here! I refuse to believe you’re leaving. Now what are we doing for dinner tonight?

  2. Isgolia Post author

    Right. I forgot a few: roommate/friend/fellow researcher I will definitely be sad to leave behind: one. Months I will have to wait until I have my NY dissertation writing partner: still unclear, but I am counting on it sometime soon!
    (and I can still help out with dinner tonight, but after this you’re on your own…)


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