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He’s Alive! [and thankful!]

We are working our way through the 2-3 hour feed, change, calm sleep cycle. More importantly, Alon is emerging from the early days of newborn sleepiness. Not only is he opening his eyes more, he is staying awake for longer periods. There is still not too much communication between Alon and us, but there was a crack this morning that hinted to big things. Like, really big things. Like, actually smiling.

Alon had a pretty big First Thanksgiving with visitors coming to see him and him going to his first Thanksgiving at Savta & Sabba’s house where much of the family and extended family gathered.

a truly Thankful Thanksgiving toast

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Top 10 from Alon’s first 10 days…

Hard to believe, but Aloni is 10 days old already – and what a first 10 days it has been! Full of awe and wonder and amazement…definitely on our parts.  We assume Alon is drinking in the world as well – but primarily he is drinking in the milk.

Lots to say about the last 10 days, but it’s hard to know where to start.  So, without further ado, here are 10 of the new experiences we’ve had since 10:10am on 11|11|11:

1.  Coming home! We got out of the hospital on Alon’s due date, 11/14 [as you may have already read], and took the short stroll down the hill from the hospital to our home (all in all, it took a little longer than the walk up to the hospital on Friday for Aloni’s birth, but not too much).  While being released from the hospital and the round-the-clock presence and comfort of the nurses [and their advice] made us a little bit nervous, we were thrilled to be back in our own house and to introduce Aloni to his home.

2. Infant diarrhea = sleepless night. Enough said…

3. 2am call to the pediatrician [due to said diarrhea, and more specifically, our seeming inability to calm Alon]- not my finest moment as a mom, and I felt especially bad when Neil told me how sleepy and out of it the pediatrician sounded.  Dr. Z, if you are reading this, I apologize.  But, I suspect I am not the first parent of a week-old baby to call the pediatrician in the middle of the night for something that is apparently quite normal and nothing to be worried about. [edited to add: apparently this was a bigger deal for the pediatrician than I anticipated – upon our arrival at his office today and my in-person apology for the sleep interruption, he reminded me to the minute at what time I called.  Oh well…]

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true IsGolia

We knew it was going to be a special day. The morning sky and Sun only confirmed these thoughts.

approaching Nyack hospital in the early AM

Yet, as good of a day we knew it would be, it was an odd, if not surreal walk to the hospital. See, it is a funny thing when you are walking to the hospital knowing that you will have a child in your arms in just a few hours.

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