He’s Alive! [and thankful!]

We are working our way through the 2-3 hour feed, change, calm sleep cycle. More importantly, Alon is emerging from the early days of newborn sleepiness. Not only is he opening his eyes more, he is staying awake for longer periods. There is still not too much communication between Alon and us, but there was a crack this morning that hinted to big things. Like, really big things. Like, actually smiling.

Alon had a pretty big First Thanksgiving with visitors coming to see him and him going to his first Thanksgiving at Savta & Sabba’s house where much of the family and extended family gathered.

a truly Thankful Thanksgiving toast



Alon’s first guest was big sister Calla. Calla flew up from Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with us. I especially requested the visit because I wanted Calla to bond with her little brother Alon. In the time since his birth and her arrival, it was apparent she was very excited about Alon. In fact, she took the first picture of Alon we sent out and made it the background on her iPod Touch.

She stared and seemed to quietly marvel at Alon

hmm, maybe not so quietly...

Calla finally got to hold him

Calla really enjoyed her time with Alon. And, she was a great big sister by helping us with Alon, having extended patience when he temporarily took us away from our visit with her [like, when we slept in a bit the last two mornings] and helping prepare dishes for the Thanksgiving gathering and for our home. We are still enjoying the pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies she baked with Daddy.

Perhaps her biggest input was where to put the special poster in the room she shares with Alon [when he gets much older and doesn’t room with us].

the Sept 2011, Primus in NYC poster

Calla even shared her precious doll, Aurora the Panda, with her gift for Alon, the bunny. They were all dolls that night.


Next, Uncle Noam flew in from the peaceful, serene campus of UC Davis. He brought that calm right to Alon.

Uncle Noam & Alon

The next day saw us go over the bridge and through the woods to Savta’s and Sabba’s house to give thanks.

Karen surprised folks by looking so ab-fab just a few days after giving birth and major surgery. Guess exercise works, huh?

Calla’s budding photography skills captured Karen’s feelings.

Calla rather enjoyed herself at the Ross’s Thanksgiving. Well, we all did, honestly.

All this excitement caught up with us. Well, maybe me. I definitely like the early weeks of fatherhood because they legitimizes naps!

Mostly, I have used these opportunities to bond with Alon. He often calms down when placed on my chest or shoulder. As I cannot nurse him, this might be the next best thing.

Ah, Alon’s thankfulness. A few hours after this picture, I picked  up Alon after a feeding. Having not seen each other in a while, he seemed to respond to me positively. He really seemed to smile when looking at my face – Karen witnessed this and agrees. It could have been a gas face, but I’ll stick to our first interpretation.


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