Monthly Archives: December 2011

Livin’ it up, Nyack style

Alon has had another big week here in Nyack, mainly involving his dad’s workplace buddies.  On the social front, he made it out to the Tree Ring  Lab’s weekly beer and wings night, the Lamont holiday party, and a more intimate dinner held in honor of one of Neil’s Mongolian colleagues, who is here for a visit:

Alon with Baatarbileg, aka the Baby Whisperer

After easily getting Alon to sleep when the rest of us could not, we asked Baatar if he was interested in coming home to babysit, but alas, he declined…

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Holy moley growing boy!

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the  update, we’re just back from Alon’s one-month checkup.  Here are the stats:

Length – 19 inches, up from 18.5 at birth.  ~5-10th percentile [not surprising given the size of his parents!]

Head circumference: 36.5 cm [not sure what it was at birth].  Somewhere in the 25th percentile or so. Continue reading

One month…already??!?

The time flies by, and somehow Alon is celebrating his one month birthday already.  It’s amazing how quickly 30 days have passed…and how much change [on his end] has happened in that time.  I’ll try to capture the last few weeks in a few words – but I know that most of you are here for the pictures, so let’s get right to them:

Although his eyes are open and he’s looking around, Alon spends much of his time sleeping.  His sleep patterns include lots of different sounds – squeaks of all types and varieties.  So much so that “Dolphin,” “Squeaky” and “Pipsqueak” have entered the rotation of Alon’s nicknames [that boy can squeak all night!].  His sleep also takes on various poses:

Afternoon nap with Bunny

Lounging after one of his many daily meals...

Swaddled for sleeping - aka Baby Burrito

And, my personal favorite – the milk coma:

Full stomach, droopy eyelids...

But, the last few weeks have included much more than just eating and sleeping [and diaper changing].  Continue reading