One month…already??!?

The time flies by, and somehow Alon is celebrating his one month birthday already.  It’s amazing how quickly 30 days have passed…and how much change [on his end] has happened in that time.  I’ll try to capture the last few weeks in a few words – but I know that most of you are here for the pictures, so let’s get right to them:

Although his eyes are open and he’s looking around, Alon spends much of his time sleeping.  His sleep patterns include lots of different sounds – squeaks of all types and varieties.  So much so that “Dolphin,” “Squeaky” and “Pipsqueak” have entered the rotation of Alon’s nicknames [that boy can squeak all night!].  His sleep also takes on various poses:

Afternoon nap with Bunny

Lounging after one of his many daily meals...

Swaddled for sleeping - aka Baby Burrito

And, my personal favorite – the milk coma:

Full stomach, droopy eyelids...

But, the last few weeks have included much more than just eating and sleeping [and diaper changing]. 


We acquired a baby carrier last weekend and since then Alon and I have been out pretty much every single day.  This is a big deal – because of the c-section I haven’t been able to lift Alon in his stroller or car seat, so until this past week getting out for a walk, or errands – or pretty much anything involving leaving the house – necessitated Neil’s presence.  Not that we don’t love having Neil around, but ahhh, independence is so nice! And despite some initial misgivings, Alon seems to enjoy being in the carrier – or, more specifically, sleeping in it.  Here is Neil demonstrating the carrier on one of our family walks:

Pedersons on the go!

Alon has also been spending more and more time awake and showing curiosity about the world around him:

...examining toys on the swing

...bonding with Daddy - look at me holding up my head!

He’s also been hanging out with visitors.  Last weekend the Pederson side of the family came to visit:

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Pederson and Aunt Christine

Yesterday Alon also went on his first hike and attended his first party – a surprise birthday for a friend of ours in Nyack.  Even though it was someone else’s party, Alon was the center of everyone’s attention.  Small babies really know how to work their charm, even when they’re asleep!

First hike! In Harriman State Park, 12/10/11

Finally, one month later, we are starting to feel, as a friend of mine put it, that we are “emerging from lalaland.” Life has yet to settle into any sort of set schedule – and that’s totally OK – but Alon is sleeping slightly longer periods at night, and we’ve gotten him into a nightly “4B’s” routine – bath, book, breast, bed – at around the same time each evening. We’ve gotten the timing down now so that instead of going to bed directly myself with Alon, we’ve had two nights now where after he was asleep, I rejoined Neil downstairs so that we could [gasp!] actually eat dinner together…for the first time since Alon’s birth.  Friday night we even managed to watch a movie and drink part of a bottle of wine we’ve been saving.

The Evidence!

All in all, it’s been quite a month – in the best way possible.  Tuesday we have our one month well visit with Alon’s pediatrician, so stay tuned for an update after that…


4 thoughts on “One month…already??!?

  1. Abby

    Karen, Congrats on a month already! He’s so gorgeous, and congrats on settling into a routine already!

    Here’s a post request: can you write one about how the baby reality is compared to what you’d thought it would be? You’re still close enough to pre-partum to be able to remember, and it would be a great thing to read!


  2. Byamba

    Are serious taking him to the forest in a month??? I think you are trying to speed his life like trees 😛

    good luck nursing Alon in forest!!!

  3. Isgolia Post author

    hi Byamba,

    yes, i am serious. doesn’t a country Mongolian baby spend very early life outside? why be different if in the states? it is not like i forced Alon to hike up the hill on his own [thought about it….. ;P ]

  4. Anne Nichols

    Sounds like you are adjusting!! He is beautiful (Alon, not Neil ;). I haven’t seen Aunt Christine in decades. It was nice to see a pic of her.


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