Holy moley growing boy!

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the  update, we’re just back from Alon’s one-month checkup.  Here are the stats:

Length – 19 inches, up from 18.5 at birth.  ~5-10th percentile [not surprising given the size of his parents!]

Head circumference: 36.5 cm [not sure what it was at birth].  Somewhere in the 25th percentile or so.

Weight: Up from 6lbs 1oz when we got discharged from the hospital…to 9lbs, 5oz – a 3.25lb gain!!!!!!!! Whoa. My expectation was that he would be somewhere close to 8lbs, but I can’t get over the fact that in 30 days Alon has gained half of his body weight.  And, as an ambitious and over-achieving parent [hey, at least I’m self-aware!] I am proud to note that his pediatrician said he is “exceeding expectations.” Yup, you can say that again.  He certainly exceeded mine.  It’s amazing to think how much milk he’s been consuming to get to that weight. And how much I’ve been producing, apparently. The human body is a wonderous thing.

Since we’ve established that Alon is clearly doing OK on the breastfeeding front, we’ll likely be introducing a bottle in the coming days.  We’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Oh, and today’s obligatory picture [excuse the goopy eye – poor Alon has a clogged tear duct]:

Go Orange! (and thank you Aunt Christine and Uncle Dave for the outfit!)


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