Livin’ it up, Nyack style

Alon has had another big week here in Nyack, mainly involving his dad’s workplace buddies.  On the social front, he made it out to the Tree Ring  Lab’s weekly beer and wings night, the Lamont holiday party, and a more intimate dinner held in honor of one of Neil’s Mongolian colleagues, who is here for a visit:

Alon with Baatarbileg, aka the Baby Whisperer

After easily getting Alon to sleep when the rest of us could not, we asked Baatar if he was interested in coming home to babysit, but alas, he declined…

In addition to the social outings, Alon had a big moment this past week when we introduced a pacifier into his life [not without some trepidation].  So far he seems to enjoy it when a little extra pacifying is necessary, but we’re hoping to avoid it becoming a crutch he can’t do without.  And man, let me just say, pacifiers [like many other things related to cild-rearing] are a MAJOR source of controversy in this neck of the woods.  I’ve heard everything from “It’s necessary between 1-6 months” to “NEVER give your child a pacifier” from folks around here.  Interesting.  Anyway, here Alon is sucking on his newfound pacifier friend:

Pacified...for now

All these events have been rather tiring and have taken us away from the nightly routine we’ve been trying to establish for Alon. Luckily, we have a comfortable couch…



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