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Goings on in the past week or so

Things change here on a daily basis.

Up until the past few days, we were swaddling Aloni to sleep.  He protested…but we were sure that having his arms tucked at his sides [i.e. baby straight-jacket] was helping him sleep.  So sure that we swaddled him, night after night, and sometimes day after day [when we tried to get him to nap in his crib]…despite cries of protest on a daily/nightly basis.

Well. He protested so much that we decided to listen, despite our worries that without the swaddle his involuntary arm jerks might wake him up.  Little did we know…the boy sleeps better without the swaddle than with! Continue reading

Aloni in action

Alon has become more and more engaged with the world around him and more fun to watch and be around.  And, we’ve started video taping some of his endeavors.  Here are a few of the first videos.

First – Aloni with his favorite animal, the elephant on the activity mat:

Next – Aloni takes on his blanket, and wins:

[A non-literal translation of the Hebrew: who will win, Aloni or the blanket? Aloni!]

Two months in…

We went for our 2-month well visit today, and here are the latest statistics:

Height: 20.5 inches [1 inch growth from last month]
Weight: 10lbs, 8oz. – only a little more than a pound more than last month.  As the doctor pointed out, neither Neil nor I are too big ourselves, so it’s not very surprising…but after last month’s 3 pound weight increase it’s a big decrease in growth rate.  Alon’s pediatrician didn’t seem concerned, though.
Head circumference: 38 centimeters.  His head is bigger than it was last month.

In addition to height/weight and various other checks, Alon had his first set of immunizations today.  It was a bit of a traumatic experience – more for him than for me, but a little bit for both of us.  Luckily we have 2 months before we have to do that again!

On a happier [and very cute] note, here’s Alon’s latest picture – taken yesterday at a new mom’s group that I have been attending periodically.  Samantha, to his left, is just 3 days younger than Alon.  The two of them seemed to get along quite well!

Hmmm...I think he's a little young for a girlfriend, but who am I to say?!

Catching up

Well, we have been remiss in posting the past few weeks.  Sorry! Apparently babies take up a lot of time – who knew??!?

Anyway, it has been an eventful second month of Aloni’s life.  Highlights include visiting Fulton [where Neil grew up] for Christmas, spending a few nights at Savta and Saba’s house while Neil was in Chicago, going on several hikes, and moving from the co-sleeper next to our bed to his crib and his own room….but more importantly, smiling, finding his thumb, and becoming more and more aware every day!

With little time for writing, we’ll make this post picture-heavy.  Though, I do have to say I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on Alon’s first 8 weeks and hope to post that reflection soon.  One of these days…

In the meantime, here’s a photo retrospective of the past few weeks:

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