Catching up

Well, we have been remiss in posting the past few weeks.  Sorry! Apparently babies take up a lot of time – who knew??!?

Anyway, it has been an eventful second month of Aloni’s life.  Highlights include visiting Fulton [where Neil grew up] for Christmas, spending a few nights at Savta and Saba’s house while Neil was in Chicago, going on several hikes, and moving from the co-sleeper next to our bed to his crib and his own room….but more importantly, smiling, finding his thumb, and becoming more and more aware every day!

With little time for writing, we’ll make this post picture-heavy.  Though, I do have to say I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on Alon’s first 8 weeks and hope to post that reflection soon.  One of these days…

In the meantime, here’s a photo retrospective of the past few weeks:

As I wrote, we went up to Fulton for Christmas.  Actually, we went up on the 23rd so that Neil could attend his 25 1/2 high school reunion.  After putting Aloni to sleep, I went with him – Alon’s first time without either of his parents around! [I only stayed for an hour, though].

Alon spent the weekend being held by his Aunts Christine, Patricia, and Kathy [and by Uncle Dave].  Here he is with Aunt Pat:

With Aunt Pat, Christmas Eve

A few days later, Alon had his first bottle of breast milk. Neil wasn’t quite ready for the experience, but I was glad to see that he took the bottle so well.  That will make my life a little bit easier…

What's this? It doesn't feel like mama...but I taste her milk!

In the same week, Alon also smiled his first smile, and that same day managed to find his thumb:

Better than a pacifier!

While he doesn’t love tummy time, most of the time he doesn’t complain about being placed on his stomach…not too much, anyway, as you can see:

Quite the head/body proportions, eh?

During the first week of January, Neil headed to Chicago for a workshop, so Alon and I took advantage of the opportunity to head to Ossining for a few days of quality time – with Sabba:

The biggest and littlest members of the clan

And Savta:

Mutual admiration and afternoon reading time

Another bottle!

Alon also shocked his mom by sleeping 7 hours in a row the first night in Ossining and nine hours the following night! Too bad he hasn’t replicated that since he’s been back in Nyack.  But, Alon has moved into his crib – maybe he needs an adjustment period before starting to sleep longer periods? Who knows…

Hey, how come I'm not sleeping next to Ima and Daddy any more?

We’ll end this post with a series of pictures from today’s hike.  First off, the post-meal series [yes, I nursed Alon in the middle of our hike.  No, nobody was around]:

See me almost smiling? That's because I just ate.

Stop tickling my chin, Ima!

No, seriously, stop tickling my chin!!! How about some more milk instead??

OK, now I'm ready to look that a turkey vulture or an eagle? well, they both are vultures

Once Alon ate, he was content to observe the world around him.  Daddy gave him the chance to do so from a variety of angles:

Whoa! The world looks different from this height!

Ooh - look over there!

This carrier isn't too bad...

I lied.  Those weren’t the final pictures.  These last two are from tonight, pre-bath.  Look how big Alon has gotten! [and yes, now that he fits into them better, we’re making the transition to the cloth diapers.  But that’s a topic for another post.]

Hi Daddy. How do you apply a half-nelson again?

Look at how much I've filled out! Boy that breast milk is good...

More to come – hopefully sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, Happy New Year from all 3 of us!

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