Two months in…

We went for our 2-month well visit today, and here are the latest statistics:

Height: 20.5 inches [1 inch growth from last month]
Weight: 10lbs, 8oz. – only a little more than a pound more than last month.  As the doctor pointed out, neither Neil nor I are too big ourselves, so it’s not very surprising…but after last month’s 3 pound weight increase it’s a big decrease in growth rate.  Alon’s pediatrician didn’t seem concerned, though.
Head circumference: 38 centimeters.  His head is bigger than it was last month.

In addition to height/weight and various other checks, Alon had his first set of immunizations today.  It was a bit of a traumatic experience – more for him than for me, but a little bit for both of us.  Luckily we have 2 months before we have to do that again!

On a happier [and very cute] note, here’s Alon’s latest picture – taken yesterday at a new mom’s group that I have been attending periodically.  Samantha, to his left, is just 3 days younger than Alon.  The two of them seemed to get along quite well!

Hmmm...I think he's a little young for a girlfriend, but who am I to say?!


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