Goings on in the past week or so

Things change here on a daily basis.

Up until the past few days, we were swaddling Aloni to sleep.  He protested…but we were sure that having his arms tucked at his sides [i.e. baby straight-jacket] was helping him sleep.  So sure that we swaddled him, night after night, and sometimes day after day [when we tried to get him to nap in his crib]…despite cries of protest on a daily/nightly basis.

Well. He protested so much that we decided to listen, despite our worries that without the swaddle his involuntary arm jerks might wake him up.  Little did we know…the boy sleeps better without the swaddle than with!

It’s funny to see, though:

Aloni has surrendered to the sleep gods...

He has developed a complete fascination with the mobile hanging over his bed – check out his eyes tracking the moving animal!:

And he has a love-hate relationship with his pacifier:

But mostly he’s growing and learning and changing, and willingly [or not so willingly] being dragged around the tri-state area by his parents.  Yesterday he/we had lunch with a couple we met at our birth class, and their gorgeous daughter.  Good Indian food.  A little too much advice about how to care for our babies from the young, male waiter.  Oh well.

All this makes Aloni a tired little boy:

Where I nap (sometimes)...although mostly I like napping in Ima & Daddy's arms


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