Catching up again

We’ve now passed the 3 month/15 week mark, and life with Alon gets better and better every day [and busier and busier – hence the lack of posting]. He is more and more interactive – lots of smiles [as you see below], verbalizations [coos of all sorts – he is really trying hard to communicate verbally!], and a couple of not-entirely-successful attempts at laughing out loud. This is what we get to see every day now, which is awesome:

He’s growing, too.  At our 3-month weight check, about 2 weeks ago, Alon was up to 11 lbs. 15 oz. – growing at a rate of about 20 oz. per month.  So, by that unofficial estimate, he is over 12 lbs. now.  He’s doubled his out-of-the-hospital weight in 3 months! Pretty impressive.  And much of it has gone to his head, as you can see:

Life has been very social lately.  Just this week we had a visit from Auntie M, without whom Alon would have never existed [she introduced Neil and myself].  Here they are hanging out:

Now we're just waiting for the rest of the California crew to show up on the East Coast!

And, Alon has made friends with some of his housemates, as well.  He and his bunny have become very close…

Sharing secrets...

Alon was sleeping like a champ until just a few weeks ago but unfortunately since right about when he hit 3 months, that’s all gone down the drain.  I’ve read that when babies are practicing new skills or going through developmental spurts, their sleep can get interrupted in a major way.  Well, Alon mastered an important skill today:

So now I’m hoping that he starts sleeping a little bit better…at least, until the next developmental milestone!


One thought on “Catching up again

  1. A

    Wait a minute…he’s rolling OVER already?? Shite. It took Julian forever to do that. He rolled over pretty much right before he crawled…
    Just remember, it gets easier with every week…the milestones are rough, but before you know it you’ll have a crawling crazy:)


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