Alon is 4 months!

So, Alon hit the 4 month mark on Sunday [unbelievable!], and a few days later we made the requisite trip to the pediatrician for height/weight check, general developmental progress check, and [the horror!]…shots.  Ugh.  Don’t get me started on that last one.

But I thought I would report the stats:

Height – 24.75 inches – up 4 inches since his 2 month visit – and in the 50th percentile! [it’s been a long time since I was anywhere near the 50% mark, so that makes me happy]

Weight – 13 lbs, 7 oz – up 1.5 lbs since the 3 month weigh-in, and right at the 25th percentile

Head circumference – 41 cm, up 3 cm from the 2 month mark and also right at the 25th percentile [kind of amazing considering how big his head seems…]

So, Alon is clearly growing at a good pace.  The smiles, coos, hand-grabbing, and ever-growing ability to hold his head up high all indicate that physical/physiological development is progressing just as expected, as well.  So we’re happy parents.

And here’s the required picture of the day – Aloni with “Tut” the turtle [turtle courtesy of Aunt Varda; name courtesy of Neil; and cute shirt courtesy of JT, Naomi & Benji]:


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