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6 month stats…

Just a quick post following Alon’s 6 month checkup – here are the stats:

Height: 26 inches (50th percentile, 2 inch growth from the 4 month checkup)

Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz, (25th percentile, slightly less than 2 lbs growth in the past 2 months)

Head circumference: 43 cm (2 cm growth from last time)

He’s sleeping 10-11.5 hours at a stretch at night, tasting new foods every day (he ate a whole piece of carrot this morning!), and as always, a happy boy:

We are a little behind on posting – there is one more picture-filled post to come from our vacation in Israel.  Stay tuned!


When Ima’s away the boys will play

Karen went to Illinois for two days to present her research to some of her peers. That left The Boy with me and just me. Of course, this isn’t fully correct. Savta came over and spent a morning with The Boy while daddy worked and Alon was reunited with his great nanny for half of the two days Karen was gone. Plus, we are hosting a student from Sweden. She has been keen to run to him when he cries just a little bit [when I was willing to let him sort things out himself for a bit]. So, there were many hands on deck.

Alon with Andrea

The big event, besides Ima being gone and Alon getting over jet lag (he has had more coming home than going to the Middle East – he traveled like a champ!), is that he was going to go through sleep training – yes, was that it was time to let him know that he could put himself to sleep and sleep through the night.

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Six months…already??!?

It’s hard to believe, as I write this, that Alon is 6 months old.  Flipping back through the blog posts, I can barely remember the first few days and weeks – so much has changed, and changes, every day.

And things have gotten so much better.  Maybe it’s not very PC of me to say this, but the first few months of Alon’s life were HARD.  It took about 10-12 weeks before breastfeeding was pain-free (for me). That coupled with the sleep deprivation, hormonal ups and downs, and the feeling that I was basically interacting with a blob (albeit a very cute one), made the beginning especially tough.

But then the breastfeeding got easier, and quicker.  And then Alon smiled.  And smiled again.  And started to laugh and coo and really interact with us.  Then it became really fun to be his mom, and I quickly forgot about the preceding weeks.

And here we are 6 months later, with a (still) very cute, very curious, very active boy who is already making his personality known – and who charms everyone he meets 🙂

Happy half birthday!

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The swing!

In yesterday’s post, I forgot to include evidence of another “first” for Alon – his first time in a swing! We spent last Saturday with family friends (2 grandparents, 3 kids + spouses, 10  grandchildren).  Their house, as you might imagine, is readily equipped for children of all ages, and Alon loved sitting in their (kiddie) porch swing:

Whee! Look at me!

He also held his own while interacting with 10 bigger kids.  I must say, I was pretty impressed.  Here he is checking out (and being checked out by) two of the boys:


By the way, I wanted to let those of you who will be seeing him in person in the next week or two know that while the cut is no biggie, Alon is definitely going to have a pretty big bruise on his forehead.  Just letting you know to reduce the shock factor…

Adventures in the Holy Land

Apologies for the laxness in posting on our part.  I had hoped we would be able to update you all a bit more frequently from Israel (since I know many of you at home who usually get to see Alon in person are relying on pictures and stories for now!), but, you know, life sort of gets in the way.  Life and work, which Neil and I have both been trying to balance over the past few weeks.

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