Adventures in the Holy Land

Apologies for the laxness in posting on our part.  I had hoped we would be able to update you all a bit more frequently from Israel (since I know many of you at home who usually get to see Alon in person are relying on pictures and stories for now!), but, you know, life sort of gets in the way.  Life and work, which Neil and I have both been trying to balance over the past few weeks.

Alon, on the other hand, has been learning and experiencing all sorts of new things – not the least of which is heat.  Actually, the weather has been quite nice since we arrived here for the most part: lots of high 70s and low 80s.  We’ve had a couple of scorchers, though, enabling Alon to experience the joy of life in nothing but a diaper:

Just chillin’

Alon really enjoys being clothing free (and diaper-free, too, but we don’t let him do that too often).  An added benefit is that it makes clean up a bit easier when Alon is trying out new foods.  Yes, it’s about time for solids.  No, I’m not pureeing anything.  Rather, we’ve been letting Alon try to nosh on some finger foods that are easily chewable without teeth.  Today he had a bit of avocado (by far the messiest food yet – no pictures though).  He’s also snacked on banana and dried peach:

If Alon starts eating more of these we might have to buy stock in organic banana plantations, given how many we go through as it is…

What I find really funny is that even though Alon will put almost everything that touches his hand into his mouth (including, on a regular basis, our fingers), he doesn’t seem to know what to do with the small pieces of food I stick in his hand.  I gave him a small piece of red pepper the other day and he just sort of looked at it for a while.  I know that babies often take a while to realize that food is something they can eat to fill their stomachs – but the fact that he didn’t immediately stick this in his mouth was a real surprise to me.  Funny kid, that one.  Hopefully he’ll get the hang of it soon…

Anyway, as we wrote in our last blog post, Alon has mastered the back to front roll.  This skill has several new consequences.  First, Alon is now sleeping on his stomach.  I know, I know, the baby police are going to get me for not putting him down on his back – but honestly, if he is rolling from his back onto his stomach to sleep anyway, what can I do? And it certainly hasn’t done any harm – on the contrary, even though there still isn’t that much nap consistency and nights are Alon’s personal form of rebellion against his parents, he no longer wakes up 45 minutes into bedtime.  That, in and of itself, is a small miracle.  And he looks so peaceful (and cute):


Alon has also expanded his territory by several meters in each direction.  We put a blanket down on the floor so that he has room to roll around from toy to book to toy (unfortunately, not yet back again, unless he has help: Alon is still only rolling in one direction).  The area of the blanket isn’t quite big enough for him, though – every few minutes I hear “thump, thump, thump” – my cue that he has rolled onto the wood floor and is lying on his back, thumping his heels down.  He really seems to enjoy it, even though I imagine it might hurt a little bit.

This newfound freedom to roll around (and curiosity about everything that crosses his path) has its downside, though. While rolling across the floor this afternoon Alon brought the computer plug down off the table – directly onto his forehead.  Some blood, tears, and lots of cuddles and kisses later he forgot all about it – however, I think the experience may have taken a few years off of my (and Neil’s) life.  Definitely time to start baby proofing…

All those tears for just a little cut..

We are headed up north this week for a few days of vacation and some (hopefully less stress-inducing) adventure – more pictures and stories to come soon!



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