Food! [and other news…]

Apologies for the recent silence.  Between work, travel, dissertation, and parenting, it seems we don’t have a lot of time for blogging – certainly no more than the last time we made this excuse!

Anyway, it has been a busy month for all of us, Alon included.  Among other things, he’s been keenly diving his way into solid foods of all sorts.  We have been doing a mix of traditional spoon feeding and baby-led weaning [BLW], depending on the day, our mood, and what is in the fridge.  Here’s BLW in action:

[that’s broccoli, in case you weren’t sure…]

At this point Alon has tried a whole variety of foods in raw, pureed, mashed, and roasted form.  We have been trying to prepare foods for ourselves that he can eat as well – that has gone alright, although he definitely did NOT like the lentil soup I made last week.  On the other hand, both carrot and roasted pepper soup were big hits [I separated Alon’s servings out before adding in most of the seasonings]:

Roasted pepper soup…what didn’t make it into my stomach…

The list of foods this boy has eaten so far includes: asparagus, carrots [roasted and in soup], red peppers [raw, roasted and in soup], avocado, banana, peaches [dried and fresh], apricot, zucchini, sweet potato, turnip, spinach, yogurt, and lentils.  Plus garlic, onion, celery, some tomato and whatever else makes it into the soup pot…as I said, he definitely wasn’t a fan of the lentil soup but aside from that he’s taken well to pretty much everything we’ve put in front of him.

Asparagus – roasted.

The roasted asparagus didn’t work so well. Here it is in pureed form. Note the piece on his forehead…

It should come as no surprise, given his parents’ eating habits, that by far Aloni’s favorite food is banana.  The banana doesn’t stand a chance when he sees it! Here, see for yourself:
In addition to his food intake, Aloni has begun drinking more than just breast milk.  Following each [solid] meal, he gets a little bit of water – in a sippy cup, no less.  He loves the two handles on the cup and especially enjoys hitting it against the tray on his high chair.  He’s also managed to more or less figure out what needs to happen for the water to get in his mouth:
I should note that while the water makes it into Alon’s mouth, it also often makes its way out.  For some reason that I just don’t quite understand, he doesn’t always realize that he needs to swallow.  Oh well.  He’ll learn!
We have also been giving Alon a bottle [of breastmilk or formula] before bed.  This helps tide him over so that he can sleep until 5 or so.  Then he nurses and goes right back to bed.  We introduced this bedtime bottle [in addition to his evening nursing] about a week ago and he has taken to it like a fish takes to water.  In fact, this evening I saw him eyeing the bottle while his little mouth was on the breast.  He knew what was coming:

Don’t you dare try to take this bottle away from me before every.last.drop is gone!


Along with Aloni’s solid food intake a number of other changes have been happening.  As you can see from his pictures, Alon has an [almost] full head of brownish-reddish hair.  His eyes are definitely brown.  His first tooth poked its way through his gum a few days ago – we think this may be contributing to his current shrieking craze [seriously, I hope it’s gone before any of you see Alon in person!].  His hand-eye coordination is improving tremendously  and he is getting his little body ready to crawl: we see him on hands and knees, rocking front-to-back and side-to-side several times a day.  He is getting ticklish and a personal favorite past-time of mine is to tickle him so that I can hear his awesome little laugh and funny shriek [not the same as his shrieking-craze-shriek].  And just today he managed this:

Look! No [Ima] hands!

So changes are afoot.  I’m sure there are things I am forgetting, but for now you’ll just have to take my word for it that Alon is growing up and becoming more and more fun every day.
You tell us: who does Aloni look like?

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