The Shimmy

Calla, Alon’s big sister, came to visit us and was here for the past two weeks.  It was a busy visit/vacation.  After a few days in Nyack, all four of us took off – first to Lake George, where we hung out with Neil’s parents and sisters (plus families); and then to Woods Hole, where we saw Aloni’s Savta and Sabba and some old family friends.  Good food, hiking, beach time, and of course lots of ice cream were enjoyed by all.

Well, Alon didn’t get any ice cream – maybe next year.  But he did get lots of milk, including a bottle fed to him by his big sister:

And, his food consumption continues to increase daily.  Witness his meal of beets:

When we were on the road we fed Alon some store bought baby food (no Gerber, though), and gave him bits and pieces of our own meals.  Among other things he enjoyed his second piece of steak and some of Calla’s chicken.  Alon also LOVED the peach Neil offered him on one of our hikes, the fruit smoothie Neil shared with him, and a watermelon cooler he drank at a barbecue a friend of mine hosted.  Clearly he has his father’s sweet tooth.  On the other hand, when driving back to NY from Woods Hole, we stopped at a deli on the road and picked up a sandwich for Neil and myself to share.  The sandwich was served with a pickle, which Alon consumed with relish (he also tried to get into Calla’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but we were able to stop him in time!).

Anyway, the Lake George gathering happened in part to (belatedly) celebrate Calla’s birthday.  She received several gifts, but Alon’s grandparents made sure he wasn’t left out of the fun.  They were very excited for Alon to see his new toy, which we promptly dubbed crazy monkey for its appearance, and, well, hear for yourself**:

Alon finds crazy monkey pretty hilarious, too**:

All is fun and games until the baby cries for three hours straight on a car trip.  Calla had the privilege [??] of sharing the back seat with Alon for most of our travels.  She managed to capture The Boy in his throne* during a few of his calmer moments** (to be fair, he only really cried on one leg of the trip and was much better behaved the rest of the time):

But mostly Alon had a lot of fun with all of us and with his extended family.  He was quick to show off what Neil has dubbed his “rock and roll” – literally, rocking on all fours (occasionally with a frog-like jump forward or a scoot-like move backwards) before face-planting and rolling over.  This Boy is clearly headed for rock and roll stardom.  Since he is, it’s no wonder that he is already perfecting his dance moves, in particular the move inspiring the title of this post.  Thanks to Calla, we have it on video, and it seems like the perfect way to end this update:

* Seriously, that car seat is massive.  Even I, in all my five foot glory, feel squeezed when I am sitting next to Alon in his seat.

** Credit for these images and movies goes to Calla – thanks Calla!


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