Alon is 9 months! – and recent adventures

Believe it or not, Alon has now been outside the womb longer than he was in.  It is kind of hard for me to wrap my head around, but it’s the truth.  Pretty amazing…

Anyway, his 9th month was full of adventures, too numerous to recount here.  A couple of highlights: 2 weeks in Woods Hole with Sabba and Savta, runs with Ima in the used jogging stroller we recently bought, and lots of finger foods.  New on Alon’s list: eggplant, rice crackers, and turkey meatballs.  Actually, at this point he eats pretty much everything, with the exception of avocado.  He has gotten very good at feeding himself in the last few weeks.

Rather than regale you with tales of recent adventures, I am going to simply inundate you with pictures.  Without further ado, here is Alon over the past month:

No more spoons, Ima! I’m gonna do this all by myself!

Alon is quickly learning to appreciate The New Yorker – for the cartoons? for the stories? Maybe just for the taste of the paper…

Where the heck am I? What is this thing?


Chillaxin’ in the hammock

Still life with beach and baby, part I (who am I kidding…life is never “still” with a baby!)

Beach, part II

And if that weren’t enough to satisfy you, here is the latest installment of Alon in action, aka Alon on video.  First, the real reason he loves The New Yorker (with soundtrack from Savta):

Next, you see Alon’s not-quite-crawl in action.  We call this the leapfrog/faceplant:

Aloni’s favorite game, if I haven’t mentioned this before, is covering his face with a blanket and kicking his legs.  We don’t quite know what to make of this one:

And finally, a chance to hear the cutest laugh ever (and yes, that is an objective statement):

Alon has more adventures coming up, including a potential camping trip this upcoming weekend and, just after Labor Day, the beginning of day care! Stay tuned for stories (or at least pictures…).


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