That’s our boy!

Today was a big day for Alon.  In the morning we headed to his pediatrician’s office for a slightly belated 9-month checkup. No shots this time around, thankfully – just a few measurements and a chat with the doctor.  Here’s what we found out when we were there:

Alon is now 27.75 inches tall (almost 50% as tall as his mother); 17 lbs 7 oz, and has a 44cm/14.5 inch head circumference.  He remains in the same percentiles all around – 25% for weight and head circumference, 50% for height (enjoy it while it lasts, kiddo).  According to the doctor, Alon can eat anything except honey at this point (honey poses a botulism risk for children under the age of 1).  Alon was very happy to hear that.

Anyway, doctor’s visit shmoctor’s visit.  The much more exciting trip of the day was to Alon’s day care, where he will soon be spending 4 days a week.  Today was the first of two “transition” days, where he got to spend some time with the other kids in the infant room (ages 0-18months) and their caregivers.

Our multiple errands prevented Alon from taking a good nap this morning, so he was pretty tired when we arrived at the day care center around noon.  Nonetheless, he definitely put on a show while we were there.  Alon flirted with both of the caregivers in the room, giving them big smiles within minutes of meeting them (those of you who have spent time with this boy know that he generally has to spend several minutes or more checking out new faces before deciding whether to grace strangers with a smile, so this was unusual).  He grabbed several toys and tried to grab at the faces of a few of his new friends.

As I said, we arrived at the day care center around noon – right after Alon ate lunch.  Well, we got there just in time for the kiddos in the infant room to be fed. Several of the younger children got bottles but at one point one of the caregivers walked across the room with a bowl of finger foods for the oldest child there, taking it to be warmed up in a microwave elsewhere in the building.  Alon saw the bowl (similar to his food bowls) and immediately started demanding that he be fed as well, although he had just finished his lunch half an hour earlier.  Luckily, the day care center has a pre-school room that serves ‘school lunch,’ so along with the bowl of finger foods the caregiver brought some roasted potatoes – from today’s ‘school lunch’ menu – back to the infant room, which Alon then happily munched on.

She was happy to see a good eater; he was happy to eat.  I think they are going to get along…

3 thoughts on “That’s our boy!

  1. naomi grossbard

    I am sure Alon will get along with all the new friends,that he will see and observe before he will start to play with them. Glad all went well today. Keep in touch.. the best to you. Naomi

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