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New Beginnings

We are now more than a week into year 5773 in the Jewish calendar and a month into the fall semester and all that it brings – teaching, cooler weather, daycare…in short, a lot has been going on around here.  We’ll spare you the details of Neil and my professional lives and focus on what’s really important here: the Boy.

Alon is now into his 4th week at the Lamont daycare: Bright Horizons.  He spends his days with several buddies (only 2 gals in the infant room and one is only there two days a week, so the place is definitely boy-dominant) and with Chastity and Lauren, his two awesome childcare providers.  (Chastity was also a teacher in the infant room when Alon’s big sister was there ten years ago).  Anyway, Alon has taken to his new environment pretty well – we had some crying at drop-off the first few days, but every day that passes sees him more and more comfortable with his buddies and teachers and with the new (probably more exciting, actually) play space.  Of course, we knew all would be well when, 5 minutes into his first full day there, Alon dug his favorite book out of the book chest:

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

(sorry for the quality of the picture – I was trying to sneak one in as I snuck out of the room!)

Unfortunately daycare also means germ exposure – after only 2 weeks there, Alon came down with a cold and a fever.  He’s much better now, but the poor kid was definitely out of sorts for a while (and out of daycare for a few days).  Unfortunately, Neil got sick just as Alon was getting on the mend.  Still, even when sick I think the two of them are pretty cute:

Anyway, in the last month, aside from when he was sick, Alon has been getting ready to conquer the world.  First – sitting! After a week or so at Bright Horizons, we picked up Alon one evening, brought him home, sat him down, and…he sat! And sat and sat and sat.  Here’s proof (from a recent visit to Sabba and Savta’s house during Rosh Hashanah – thanks Sabba for the picture!):

Alon has also started pulling up to see and reach for things that are above eye level when he is in crawling/scampering position on the floor.  Next up, he’ll be walking – yikes! No matter what position he is in, though, Neil and I have been referring to Alon as “Tornado Boy” for the havoc that he wreaks around him whenever in the presence of his toys and books:

Oh, here’s an interesting fact: when Alon was sick last week, he stopped playing with his toys and only wanted to read books/have books read to him.  We even made a special trip to the library for more books (mostly so that I could get a break from reading the same ones over and over).  He’s back to playing with his toys now (see above picture).

Finally, let’s talk food.  This is the Boy who loves to eat, right? Well, not exactly.  He still eats, of course…but in addition: meet the Boy who loves to throw (food, that is).  Even food that he generally loves.  And speaking of which, what he loves to eat has definitely taken on narrower dimensions recently (as Neil put it, “he developed taste buds!”).  We even had a banana refusal (thankfully that only happened once…). And yesterday one of his teachers told me that he threw but would not eat his turkey meatballs (the one food I thought I could reliably count on him to eat).  Toddlerhood, here we come…

Anyway, there’s more going on than that, but I thought I would share the highlights.  More to come soon!


Out and about in NY

As alluded to in the last post, Alon made the rounds of New York State recently.  A few weekends ago we headed up to Fulton, Neil’s hometown, for Neil’s high school reunion and a family reunion with the Pedersons.  Alon had lots of fun seeing Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Christine and Uncle Dave (thank you for hosting us!), Aunt Patricia and Uncle Rich, and Derek, Josh, and Tristan.  Here he is playing with Grandpa on the living room floor (frankly, much of the weekend was spent staring at Alon as he took over the living room):

Grandpa, can you read me the book again?

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