Out and about in NY

As alluded to in the last post, Alon made the rounds of New York State recently.  A few weekends ago we headed up to Fulton, Neil’s hometown, for Neil’s high school reunion and a family reunion with the Pedersons.  Alon had lots of fun seeing Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Christine and Uncle Dave (thank you for hosting us!), Aunt Patricia and Uncle Rich, and Derek, Josh, and Tristan.  Here he is playing with Grandpa on the living room floor (frankly, much of the weekend was spent staring at Alon as he took over the living room):

Grandpa, can you read me the book again?


Alon wowed everyone with his impressive eating and scampering abilities, but it wasn’t until we left Fulton that Neil and I really realized just who we have on our hands.  Instead of heading immediately back to Nyack, we spent a night camping at Pine Lake, in the southern Adirondack mountains.  After some initial complaints about being alone in the tent, we joined him…and after that Alon enjoyed himself tremendously.

We took our breakfast down to the lake for a morning picnic:

The previous night we had stopped at a local shop to purchase breakfast supplies: yogurt, pastries, and of course, a banana for Aloni Baloni.  He smacked his lips when he saw the banana, but apparently it wasn’t quite enough for his breakfasting needs.  As Neil and I were eating our own breakfast, we suddenly saw this:

Evidence of the sacrifices we make for our child: he ate our breakfast!

Good thing he isn’t allergic to pecans…

Anyway, after eating his and our breakfasts, Alon still hadn’t had enough.  When we arrived back at our tent site, The Boy poo-poo’d the blanket we had set out for him with toys, and scampered (he scampers, there’s no doubt about it) into the dirt and grass to stuff his mouth with whatever he could find: leaves, grass, small spiders (just kidding about that last one).  By the time Neil and I had finished packing up the tent, Alon looked like this:

I guess the camping trip was a success.  My attempt to clean that outfit? Not so much…

So even though his first forays into grass were apparently not entirely pleasant, Alon has clearly taken to communing with nature.  Here’s some evidence from the lawn right outside our house (this is pre-mowing.  The grass is currently much shorter):

See that happy look on Alon’s face? We are hoping to see it regularly as we bring Alon to his newest adventure: day care.  Today was his 2nd full day, after last week’s visit and one the week before. It’s been a bit of a tough transition.  Alon seemed perfectly content yesterday when I dropped him off, having been at this place before, met the kids, and just that morning, found a copy of his favorite book in the book stack:

Starting his first full day of day care on the right foot: “Mr. Brown Can Moo…Can You?”

However, when Neil arrived to pick him up Alon suddenly remembered that he had been left alone all day and made his displeasure known.  Today, apparently, dropping him off was a bit more difficult and his teachers said he was slightly upset and clingy throughout the day.

The transition has also been rough for me, to be honest. As much as I’ve been looking forward to some longer work/dissertating hours and an opportunity to write without frantically cramming as many words as possible into nap time, I miss having my little guy around.  For the past nearly ten months, we have spent pretty much every day, all day, together – even when Alon’s nanny was with him, I was always just in the next room.  The silence in the house as I work now is a bit disconcerting.

Overall, I know this is a good move for everyone and a fabulous opportunity for Alon to get to know and learn from some kids his own age.  We will all get used to the new situation soon enough.  In the meantime, though, I can’t wait for the weekend…

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