On the swing!

Alon and I headed out on a new adventure yesterday afternoon.  I felt he needed a special treat after the recurrance of his ear infection Friday (yes, a 2nd ear infection…or probably the continuation of the one he had last week.  And I have to say – although the poor boy was clearly in pain, I have to say I felt rather vindicated when the ear infection was confirmed by his pediatrician…the same doctor who didn’t want me to come in when Alon was “only on his first day of fever” and probably thought I was a neurotic mom when I insisted on bringing him in anyway.  Gotta trust a mother’s instincts!).

Anyway, by Saturday Alon was feeling great, and the weather was nice, so we headed out in search of a baby-friendly swing at a public park. And we found one, which Alon LOVED.  Here are a few pictures, and a video, so you can see for yourself:

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Also: Alon showed me this morning that his language comprehension skills are reaching a new level…he signed “milk.” I’ve been using the sign for milk since he first opened his eyes, but I had no clue whether Alon actually understood that the sign – and the word I speak along with it – are related to, well, milk.  Anyway, a few weeks ago he learned how to wave “hi/bye,” but apparently his hand motion also means “milk.” At least, that is what his actions this morning indicated.

So there we go.  New adventures, new discoveries, new skills.  Just as it should be for a nearly 11-month boy.


2 thoughts on “On the swing!

  1. naomi grossbard

    We enjoyed seeing and hearing Alon on the swing.. That is what happens when a child is in a nursery with other children.. Everyone needs help with children when you have other things to do in your life.. Times change, Mom used to stay home,until people needed more money to live. There were times When Grandma Martha went to work. My Mom fed David and Bill lunch. Luckily, family lived near one another for the most..(on the same street). Talk soon.Love to hear from you.Naomi


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