Just a quick note

Not much time to write, but in response to grumblings about us not sharing Alon’s cuteness, here are a few comments and assorted photos.


  • 3 new teeth in the last 2 weeks: Alon is up to 5 now – 2 on top and 3 on the bottom
  • Despite some stress due to being away from home/at new places (thanks to power outages), Alon weathered the storm last week (haha) pretty well.  He has, however, become quite clingy in the past few days.
  • The worm has almost entirely disappeared in favor of ‘regular’ crawling! I have to say I kind of miss it.

Assorted pictures:

1.  Alon’s first time on a slide:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2.  Halloween – the obligatory Chicken costume:  (actually, this was from the Saturday prior to Halloween.  The holiday itself got postponed around these parts).

3.  Cute boy out on a hike a few weeks ago:

More to come on or around 11/11/12…

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