Dear Aloni,

One year ago, we walked up the hill on a beautiful morning, ready to meet you.  365 days later, it’s hard to believe you were ever not a part of our lives.

A lot has changed since 11/11/11.  You’ve changed from a [very cute] blob to a crawling [well, doing the worm – now you’re crawling!], smiling, babbling, and laughing kid. You’ve travelled around the world, to Woods Hole, and around New York State, charming everyone you meet along the way.

You are a strong boy with a strong personality that shines through every day.  Just like your daddy, you love music – one of your musical toys must be playing in the background no matter what you’re doing.  You have definite food preferences [and non-preferences], but usually you’re pretty open to trying new things – even if they end up on the floor after the first bite.  You love crawling all over the house [and all over us!], opening and closing doors, pulling up onto your knees and exploring the world around you using your eyes, ears, and your favorite – your mouth.  In the last month you’ve learned how to communicate with signs and with some words, although often when you talk we wonder what language you’re speaking. And you love the swing:

It’s been quite a year, Aloni.  Although we don’t always feel entirely awake, we love getting up and seeing you first thing in the morning when you are happy and talkative.  Your smile when we come pick you up from day care or when we get home from being away lights up the whole room.  In short, we couldn’t be happier to have you around, and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

Just like you, the Japanese maple next door has grown another ring (ehr, year…)


Daddy & Ima

4 thoughts on “One.

  1. varda

    מרגש עד דמעות.
    מזל טוב לכם .
    שתהיינה השנה הבאה והשנים הבאות נפלאות.

  2. shmooples

    So sweet. Hard to believe he’s already one! Our little buddies are getting so big (and now they’re chasing each other around the room). Happy birthday Alon! Love Sara and Nora

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