Scenes from Alon’s Birthday Bash

Well, we all had a fun time at Alon’s birthday party last weekend, but rather than discuss it in any sort of detail we decided just to let you check it out for yourself. So, without further ado, here is an opportunity for you to see the birthday boy and his guests (including edible guests):

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(By the way, that cake caused quite a sugar high…enough for Alon to skip his afternoon nap after the birthday party altogether.  Good thing he doesn’t eat birthday cake every day!).

Alon loves all of his new toys, but especially the one from Sabba and Savta:

In the first 10 days of his 2nd year, Alon has already made quite a few strides forward.  He  pulled up onto his feet (not his knees) for the first time yesterday, and in the past few days he has started waving and telling everyone and everything “hi” and clapping his hands (often in tandem).   Maybe the sugar from his birthday cake is still going through his system?

2 thoughts on “Scenes from Alon’s Birthday Bash

  1. naomi grossbard

    Happy Birthday to Alon. Nice to see the party., We have not seen your brothers in many years. Would not know what they even look like. Did Jon become Dr. yet?? The best to him. Of course Noam. Hope to live in the North some day soon. Hard to sell, even to break even. Will lose money either way. Glad we visit, in the summer months. Will be in touch.. Happy Hanukkah, anyway to all. Best regards to your family. Love Naomi & Al

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