Sunday morning photo shoot + words

Blogging lately has been eclipsed by the other baby in my life: my dissertation.  I know I don’t mention that baby much on this blog anymore (Alon is much cuter, it’s true), but it is no less a part of my every day.  And unfortunately it commands as much attention as a newborn (but without the cute smiles in return…).

Anyway, even though the Big D has been slowly taking over my life, Alon and I managed to have a little photo shoot a few weekends ago when Neil was out of town.  Blame Big D for the fact that the photos are just getting posted now…

In the weeks since the last Isgolia post Alon has been expanding his vocabulary.  The sign for “more” remains his favorite vehicle for communication – he uses it whenever he wants anything.  But some actual words (or close approximations) have popped up in his babblings, too.  Here are a couple of the ones we’ve figured out:

  • “Dah” = down or done, used when Alon is ready to get down from his high chair after meals (and usually accompanied by arms up in the air as a sign to be lifted out of the chair, or a shove at his tray to move it)
  • “Beh” = book, read me a book, or play with this toy.  I don’t know what the best translation for this word is, actually.  But it is always accompanied by Alon dragging either a book or his musical stuffed dog over to Neil or myself with a clear request (command?) to read out loud or press the buttons on the dog that make the songs start.
  • “Mah” = water (“mayim” in Hebrew).
  • “No” = no explanation necessary.  Alon likes to draw out this one so it sounds like this: “Nooooooooooooooo,” and shake his head at the same time.  Apparently he was leading a chorus of “no’s” at day care last week.  Yes, we are the parents whose child is teaching every other kid to say no.  Play date invitations, so long…

There are also a lot of words and questions that we haven’t yet figured out, but I am sure that will come in time.  In the meantime, perhaps someone should get started on writing a Baby –> English dictionary.  It would be a best-seller…

3 thoughts on “Sunday morning photo shoot + words

  1. Naomi & Al Grossabard

    thanks for keeping us in mind. Showing Alon pictures. GROWING FAST AS HE COULD I SEE.
    We are busy packing to go north.It is not a good time to do it. But we have not, any choice in the matter.
    we will call when we get there .We will stay mainly with Norman and Helen, until we find some
    place we like???
    NAOMI & AL


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