Food, glorious food

Christmas in our household was a pretty low-key affair.  Last year we drove up to Fulton to spend the holiday with Neil’s family, but a bout of recent sicknesses among the three of us, coupled with Alon’s recent less-than-stellar sleep habits, led to a decision to stay home.  And relax!

In deference to Pederson family tradition, we baked cookies Christmas Eve: speculaas (also known as speculoos).  Then, in deference to Jewish Christmas tradition, we drove into New York City for some Chinatown dim sum on Christmas day.

The food and company (colleague’s of Neil’s from Lamont) were great, and the atmosphere, as Neil put it, “really felt like China.” But this post isn’t about any of that, or even about the delicious cookies we baked.  No.  This post is about Alon’s burgeoning ability to eat the rest of us under the table.  The amount and variety of foods he has consumed in the last few days is just incredible.

Let’s start with Christmas Day: the aforementioned dim sum was preceeded by a bowl of oatmeal with banana, several pieces of banana sweetly requested from Ima and Dada’s breakfasts, part of a clementine, and a couple handfuls of Cheerios.  At the dim sum place, Alon sampled shrimp dumplings*, pork in garlic sauce, fishballs with tofu, chive dumplings, tempura shrimp, rice noodles with spicy beef, shrimp wrapped in rice noodles, beef & peanut dumplings, octopus, and a pastry made of bean paste with a sesame shell.  And he asked for second helpings of everything but the noodles (he did like the spicy beef).  The dim sum lunch was followed by a post-nap snack and a full dinner.

Alon Christmas Chinese Dinner

(he liked playing with the chopsticks, too…)

Today started out much the same way.  Given the voraciousness of Alon’s appetite in the preceding 36 hours, we decided to send him to day care with some extra food: a clementine and banana in addition to what he normally eats for lunch.  And yes, those were both gone when Neil arrived to pick him up in the late afternoon. As was all of his lunch and as many Cheerios as his teachers let him eat (Cheerios are the snack of choice at this place).

Maybe to others this amount of food intake doesn’t seem particularly surprising, but I am more than a little bit blown away by the ability of this 21lb boy to eat as much as (maybe more than) I.  Thanksgiving consumption champion contenders – beware!

And, to end this post on another note – I thought you might appreciate seeing an all-too-rare site: a picture of all three of us.  Thanks for taking this one are owed to our friends the Bowes (also pictured).  WithTheBowes UsCropNov2012

* Kosher Jewish Christmas tradition is something else altogether.  Not part of our repertoire…


3 thoughts on “Food, glorious food

  1. naomi grossbard

    Happy New year to all of you. From us, We are in the middle of selling our Condo. here.. With a little trouble , so I hope it will be soon. A bad time to travel to the North these, I hope we make it. Will be in touch when we get to Norman for a while, until we find somewhere to live. Naomi & Al

  2. BeccasMom

    Growth spurt, here he comes. Wishing you a healthy and joyous 2013. May Alon amaze and intrigue you in new and esciting ways!! Always, Beth

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