Monthly Archives: January 2013

So much to say

In the last few weeks, Alon’s verbal communication has soared to new heights.  So many new words I don’t know where to start! Recent additions to his vocabulary: “turtle” (in reference to the animal on his shoes, the toy from Aunt Varda, and the musical toy from Beth); “cazeh” (Hebrew for “like that one,” which has largely replaced his use of the sign for “more”); “Da!” for the stuffed panda among his toys; and many more.

Alon has also learned to open and shut cabinet doors; turn the lights on and off; match shapes (with some success); and stack things relatively efficiently.  He loves taking the cover off of his money sippy cup and putting it back on – in fact, he will sit there and play with the lid of the cup while totally ignoring its contents!

The biggest news, though, is that Alon is starting to stand up.  He is nowhere near walking yet and it’s clear that he is primarily utilizing upper body strength, but this is a giant leap forward from just a few weeks ago.  Here is some photographic evidence:

Piano 1

Playing with a new toy at Vivien’s birthday party

Standing 3 Standing 1 Standing 2 This last picture was taken on an outing to the neighborhood park on a relatively warm day recently.  Alon was in his element – first some time on the swing, then some time steering the, well, whatever the big plastic structure is that he was standing inside.  He couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the steering wheel, though.  Guess he’s not quite ready to drive a car…

We have a few videos to share, too, but they need some editing work and I wanted to get these pictures out for you to see.  Happy 2013, everyone!