Snippets of life from the past week or so:

1.  First snow! Alon was pretty psyched about playing in it until his mitten fell off and he stuck his hand right into the cold, wet stuff.  Then there were tears…

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2.  Remember this chair? It made a reappearance this week:

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Alon looks a little different than he did 12 months ago, eh? Hard to believe how quickly time flies…

3.  Aloni’s working on a new skill – it kept him occupied for about 40 minutes this evening:

I believe this is what Carmel refers to as “dip, dip”? In any case, Alon clearly isn’t quite ready to dine with the Queen of England…but he’ll get there. Some day : )




3 thoughts on “Scenes

    1. Isgolia Post author

      תודה טל! מה שלומך? סיימת את הלימודים? מה קורה אתכם עכשיו?
      מתגעגעת – אין לכם במקרה תכניות לביקור בניו יורק בתקופה הקרובה…??
      : )


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